August 15 Train Ride Cancelled Due to Wild Fire Hazard

Due to the high risk of fire in our forests and range land and correspondingĀ fire restrictions put in place by the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Eagle Cap Excursion Train has cancelled its August 15 train ride. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this causes our passengers. Unfortunately, the conditions and weather are beyond our control. With the hot weather and extremely dry conditions, the risk is too high for Wallowa Union Railroad. The cost of putting out a fire caused by the train would prohibitive, not to mention the environmental devastation.

Agents at Alegre Travel are calling the 130 passengers with reservations. They are booking the passengers on other trips when possible and those who can’t re-book will have the ticket cost refunded.

This cancellation doesn’t affect the August 29th train ride and Lookingglass Fish Hatchery tour, although there is a chance it could if the dry conditions don’t improve. We continue to book for the rest of the season and hope for better conditions soon. We will keep everyone informed of any new information through this website and on Facebook.

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