Fall Season Highlights

Our spring and summer ends with a short ride along the Grande Ronde river Wednesday, July 27. There are seats available for this ride, so be sure to make your reservations by 3 p.m., Tuesday.

For the past several years, we have taken the month of August off the schedule for the train. This allows our all-volunteer crew and hosts to take a break during the hottest and least scenic time and keeps us from running during the height of the wildfire risk period.

We will start the fall season on September 3, by which time the days are shorter and beginning to cool and there is more moisture in the air. Fall colors begin to show in the deciduous underbrush and birds and wildlife begin to show themselves again.

We have a total of eight trips on the calendar for September and October. Please see the Trip Descriptions page under “Ride the Train” for the details. Highlights include a train robbery, the Alpen Train (showcasing Oregon’s Alpenfest in Joseph), a Bigfoot Train and more.

We hope to see you this fall! It’s a colorful and beautiful time to ride the train.

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